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Carrabelle/Lanark Village, FL Lodging 

Here at the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report, we want to help you find a trip that most anyone can afford.  You won't find any high rise buildings/hotels/motels even though there are some larger condo complexes.  The pristine area around Carrabelle and Lanark Village, FL is basically undisturbed and much like it was 50-75 years ago.  We love it here!

Let me first give you couple of places to stay in the area that we have stayed.  Lanark Village has a set of old Navy barracks that have been converted into small units and some of these owners will rent these units out at ridiculously low prices.  They are small and tight, but all you need is a place to shower, eat, and sleep a little while.  Comfort is not what we are looking for.  

There are a couple of units we have rented from Debbie.  You can find her units on VRBO at Lanark Village, FL.  You can see hers and other units to rent at the link.

Another resource we have used is Sandy Beach Rentals.  They have some nice townhouse rentals that are set up perfectly for fishing trips.  The units are up on stilts with running water downstairs for washdown, covered parking to back your boat or truck under, and 1-3 Bedrooms with all the comforts of home that sleep up to 8. Downstairs, some of these units have large lockable storage rooms for storing your tackle, gear, rigs, etc.  You don't have to carry anything up the steps to the second floor.  They are a little more expensive, but when we've made 2 boat trips with 8 guys, we will simply rent one unit and take a sleeping bag and some of the young bucks will sleep on the floor.  The address and phone number is:

Sandy Beach Properties, LLC
314 St. James Ave
Carrabelle, FL 32322

One other place we have inquired about is the Franklin Inn at Carrabelle, FL.  We have not stayed there, but it looks like a good alternative.

Any and all of these units are within easy access of the boat ramp and launch at Lanark Village Market (1/2 to 4 miles). 
I'll talk more about them when I get to the local fishing information.

The units at Lanark Village and Carrabelle, FL are all within very close proximity of several very good local seafood restaurants.  Go to our Lanark Village/Carrabelle seafood restaurants pageto find out more about the local seafood eatery.

Photo of one of Debbie's units at Lanark Village Navy Barracks.  Sleeps 4.  Click here to see the description and more photos of her unit.

This  is a photo of one of the old Navy Barracks units from the outside on Parker Street.  Some of these units are rented out by the owners.

Here are 4 photos of the Townhouse rentals by Sandy Beach Properties.  Notice the covered parking for your boat. The name of this complex is Sands of Carrabelle. There are plenty of other types of rentals available.  I have listed some that we have personally stayed at.  Click on the following links to view each unit individually and see more photos.

There are several other units that are available for rent at Sands of Carrabelle and Sandy Beach Properties.  Some are homes and mobile homes for rent.
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