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Georgia-Florida Fishing Report:
Daytona/Flagler Beach, FL Fishing Tips

The Georgia-Florida Fishing Report tries to focus on quality fishing tips, trips, tricks, and techniques in areas where we have fished and had tremendous success.  Here's proof that the Daytona Beach area is all you could want and more.

I don't have very many videos up, but I thought this one was definitely worth posting.  You can find Captain Jason Phillips at:

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Jason Phillips-Sailfish
Capt. Jason Phillips caught this beautiful sailfish while bottom fishing on light tackle out of Daytona Beach, FL

Jason is a very close friend and fishing buddy.  If you are ever looking for a quality captain in the areas between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, FL, you should look him up.  Great personality and the absolute best saltwater fisherman I have personally ever known.  Specialities include inshore fishing for redfish, trout, flounder and offshore trolling and bottom fishing trips.

Below you will see several photos of fishing trips I have made to the area including Vilano Beach, Matanzas Inlet, Flagler Beach, and Daytona Beach, FL.  If these don't get your attention, I don't know what will.  After viewing these photos go to our other pages to see the lodging we have used, restaurants we've enjoyed, and more fishing tips and techniques used on these trips.  

I've tried to include photos that give the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report some credibility so that when I tell you that certain things work you will believe it!  This is just an appetizer.

Tournament winning upper-slot redfish caught near St. Augustine, FL by Captain Jason Phillips.  He can be found at 

Doormat flounder photo that Jason sent me.  This fish was taken near Flagler Beach, FL in the intercoastal waterway 

Captain Jason Phillips is dialed in on something meaner than he is!

Wow, look at the size of that tarpon that Captain Phillips took while fishing in behind a shrimp boat at Flagler Beach, FL  100+ pounder?

What a brute!  Giant Red Snapper yanked up by Capt. Jason Phillips

Me and a medium-sized cobia that took a live bait while bottom fishing out of Daytona Beach, FL

I just had to have me a photo of that sailfish so I could lie and tell everybody that I caught it!

I had never been on a trip where a sailfish was taken until this sail took a live bait on the drop while bottom fishing 10 miles out of Daytona Beach, FL.  Captain Jason Phillips looks mighty proud of his catch and he should be!

Cooler full of Triggers and Black Sea Bass.  It was an epic day on the Atlantic Ocean.

Cap with a beautiful Gag Grouper.

Captain Jason Phillips holds up my once-in-a-lifetime 70 pound cobia.  I was too tired to take a photo after the battle.

Here's James Bratcher again with a big-time Jack Crevalle that left him completely out of breath and begging for mercy.  He didn't want to catch but one!

James Bratcher in foreground almost lost his rod with this medium sized cobia that took his live bait offering right out from under the boat while he was trying to wash his hands.

Here's my crazy main man, John Ellenberg, from Greensboro, GA who is all smiles and proud of his Red Snapper catch.

Buster Peters of Rutledge, Georgia fame shows off his catch-a big-toothed barracuda being held up by the Captain (Jason Phillips).

That's me on the right with the Captain (Jason Phillips) and a full-grown Red Snapper.

Colorful Mahi-mahi (dolphin/dorado) on a calm seas day that James Bratcher caught while trolling blue water.  Look at the color of the fish and the water!

Buster Peters fights an honery bottom fish on light spinning tackle.

Nice truckload of black sea bass and triggerfish that bit everything we dropped down to them.  Live bait, cut bait, Gulp Shrimp-They were hungry that day

Lane Snapper that took a live bait on an offshore trip with some of my fishing buddies out of Flagler Beach, FL

My good friend, James Bratcher, shows off a chunky Red Snapper caught while bottom fishing with Captain Jason Phillips out of Daytona Beach, FL

Two nice King Mackerel hoisted out while fishing out of Vilano Beach, FL

Beautiful schoolie mahi-mahi/dolphin fish we took fishing blue water about 40-50 miles offshore out of Daytona Beach, FL.  I lost a trophy mahi on that trip that just spit the hook and laughed at me.

Yep, that's me with a nice intercoastal waterway Jack Crevalle taken on a live bait

My son, Brett Richardson, eyeballing a l00+ pound blacktip shark caught close to the beach by Jason Phillips fishing out of Matanzas Inlet.

Here's the old ball coach with a hefty 70 pound cobia caught trolling only a mile or so offshore outside of Matanzas Inlet, FL.

This photo is of my father-in-law, Albert Hudson, with a nice King Mackerel caught trolling out of Vilano Beach, FL

Here's the Coach with 2 very nice triggerfish taken out of Matanzas Inlet, FL about 20 miles offshore.  Buster Peters is in the background.

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