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Daytona Beach/Flagler Beach, FL Lodging Options

Obviously there are hundreds of places you could stay at Daytona Beach so I won't go into those, but rather, I'll focus here on places we have stayed while on vacation or fishing trips at Flagler Beach, FL.  I have only stayed at 2 places and they have worked well for us so I'll give you the skinny on those only.

The first place is The Beachfront Motel in Flagler Beach, FL.  It is right across the road from the Beach and very near the Flagler Pier.  Here's another good website of the Flagler Beach area with a lot of info about the piers, where to catch fish, and other useful info.  Here's a photo of the Beachfront Motel.

There aren't any motels/hotels/condos on the beach side at Flagler Beach, so it makes for a beautiful view from A1A if you drive from St. Augustine south to Daytona Beach, FL.  As I've stated on other pages, when we stay on a fishing trip we are not looking for luxury. We are looking for cheap and adequate lodging that gives us a place to sleep, get a bite to eat, and shower.  This is not a 5-star motel, but it is definitely a cheap place to stay for us on our trips.

Split between 4 fishermen on the trips, we can stay at The Beachfront Motel for as little as $59 per night for 3 nights plus tax.  That comes to about $200 bucks or $50 dollars per man. You can't find anywhere else that cheap and that's what we are looking for. 

There's not a lot of room for parking so if you take your boat you'll probably have to unhook and make a hole somewhere.

The only other place we have stayed while on vacation is a condo.  Let me tell you that the condo prices are very low when compared to Daytona Beach, FL or Panama City Beach, FL where the crowds are.  We stayed at one condo that we payed $1800 for an entire month in June.  That's about the same price as a week at PCB.  This was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath unit that was super nice and had a boat dock on the intercoastal waterway out back.  

Take a look at some of the pricing for Flagler Beach, FL condos here.  This is VRBO's website-Vacation Rentals by Owner.  You will see that some of these units can only be rented for a minimum of one month while others will rent by the night.  It just depends on the complex and rules they have to abide by.

Do your duty and check out the different places to stay.  Here's a Google map of motels in the area.  Flagler Beach Motels.  Here's another map of condo complexes near Flagler Beach, FL.

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