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Navigation of the Flagler Beach and Daytona Beach, FL Area

The following links should help you in navigating these areas.  As I have said on an earlier page, the Matanzas Inlet and Pass is a very dangerous and treacherous area that changes constantly.  You almost have to go out through the breakers and several boats have been swamped and sunk in the area.  It is difficult to find the channel as it is very narrow, so if you decide to make a go of it, my best advice would be to find a local guy to show you the best path.

Better yet, why not get the best guide in the St. Augustine to Daytona Beach, FL area to guide you through the pass.  Captain Jason Phillips is located in Flagler Beach, FL and knows the inlet like the back of his hand.  Find him on the web at  

TOPO Maptech longitude/latitude of entire U.S. and Canada

Atlantic coast marine charts

Ponce Inlet, FL (Daytona Beach, FL) Marine Navigation chart-South

Ponce Inlet, FL Marine Navigation chart-North

This Matanzas Inlet Chart may be a better one to view for navigation purposes, but you will have to zoom in to find it.  It's near the Matanzas National Forest and Matanzas Fort.

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