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I won't be writing some of the pages of the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Georgia Coast until after I have made a few trips with a couple of buddies who know the area better than I do.  We used to fish out of Tybee Island, GA quite often in the 1980's and even into the 1990's mainly for King and Spanish Mackerel as well as whatever bottom fishing feeders we could pick up.  Haven't fished Georgia's Coast in a long while, but I do have some fond memories from my earliest days of saltwater fishing with my little brother, TE, and a crazy man named Steve Parker. I don't think Parker does much saltwater fishing anymore as he is now a professional wild pig huntin' guide, but back in the day, he would jar your jawbones when going out the pass at Tybee Island.

Have you ever been in a boat when the motor would come completely out of the water and make that whizzing sound when the prop is no longer in contact with H20?  Well, I have and that was the only speed Steve knew.  It was exhilarating and got me hooked from day 1.  Thanks Steve for some of those earliest memories!  

They got me started so if my wife wants to blame anybody for my saltwater fishin' addiction, she can blame these two guys.  Seriously, I wouldn't give anything for those first few trips we made in Steve's 17 foot Boston Whaler and the Madam Queen 20 foot Proline (1980's model) that is still in action today.

Back in those medieval times, there was no such thing as GPS.  We  used a rudimentary Loran Unit that was harder to operate than a nuclear reactor.  TE finally purchased a video, yes a video, that gave us enough basic information to use the unit to venture out into the wild blue yonder and find a radio tower as well as some of the offshore reefs on Georgia's Coast.  

Never in my entire life have I seen the large schools of Spanish Mackerel like we encountered in the late afternoons of what we referred to as an "Iron Man Trip". More on that later.  There would literally be acres of Spanish Mackerel chasing bait and on one occasion we encountered some feisty bonito mixed into the fray.

Our main target was the radio tower about 10-12 miles offshore that always held Spanish, Kings, and some larger than life barracuda that would steal your Spanish before you could reel them in.  They would be severed like a razor had cut them and the head would still be alive.

There are quite a few interesting stories from those early saltwater fishing trips to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA and I'll try to do my best to chronicle those here. Some of them may fit better under the Fishing Humor pages, but I'll post them here as well and try my best not to embellish or stretch the truth on these.  They were funny enough the actual way that they happened.

Vietnamese and his wife Story:

I've been to the World's Fair, a goat-killin', and several coaching clinics, but I ain't never seen anything quite like this.  I just hope you can "Get the Picture" like Larry Munson would paint it for you.  It's a hoot! 

Man Overboard Story:

I hope my little brother, TE, will help me write these 2 stories.  I was present for one, but not for the other.  I've heard the Man Overboard Story so many times that it feels like I was actually there.  Hilarious stories that he can absolutely tell better than I can as most preachers are very good story tellers.

Sinking Boat Story:

This is a true story of the only time on a fishing trip that I thought we were going down.  Seriously!

Iron Man Trips:

I mentioned these trips earlier and we still do these occasionally on 4-day trips, but nothing like this.  The Iron Man Trips occurred in the mid-1980's when all of us were flat broke.  Instead of driving to the Georgia Coast and staying in a motel for one night, we would drive all night, fish all day, and drive back home all night.  It would definitely test your resolve and is not something I would even think about trying to do today at my age.  

We were all young and full of ourselves.  Nothing could stop us from going fishing!

Cousin Bart Minter Gets Locked Up Story:

Ever heard of someone getting locked up over $3.00 worth of gas?  I have and it's one of those stories for the ages that we still get a kick out of telling.

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