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Georgia-Florida Fishing Report

December Newsletter 2014

Below you will find the second issue of our Georgia-Florida Fishing Report's December 2014 Newsletter.  I do believe that this issue is better than the first and more informative.  I've made some changes to help everyone read and enjoy this issue that I hope will help all of those fishermen out there find something to aid them in some way in this issue.

I also have a Facebook Page now!  Can't believe I'm actually doing that, but there will be a link at Robert Alan Richardson from Rutledge, GA that will take you directly to the website.  The link is here:

Don't forget to send me your fishing photos for our next issue in January and to include here and on Facebook.  Thanks.  

I'm probably going to start some kind of prize for the winning photo each month. Don't know what it might be but obviously something fishy!  

If you are having trouble reading this, use the zoom tool to make it bigger.  It is not as clear as the original that I sent out via e-mail to those fishermen on my e-mail list.

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