Georgia-Florida Fishing Report - Fishing Tips, Trips, Tricks and Techniques
Georgia-Florida Fishing Report November 2014 Newsletter:

This is our first copy of the Georgia-Florida Newsletter for the month of November, 2014.  If you don't have Microsoft Publisher installed on your PC or other device, this is the only way I could figure out how to put it up on the website so you could read it.

Problems that we have encountered include, but are not limited to:
A.  The clarity of the pages and document are not nearly what they are on the original document.  It's just not as sharp-especially the images.
B.  You will probably have to zoom in on the document to read some of the fine print like is seen on page 4 of the Lunar calendar/best fishing times.  

I will post the newsletter for November here when it is ready to go to press, but I really hope you can see it in the e-mail as it is much sharper and easier to read in that format. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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