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The Georgia-Florida Fishing Report is here to help you find some deals and some of the best food available in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I'm sure a lot of you have been to Panama City Beach and you have your own favorites, but I'll give you my take on some of the best places we have found over the past few years.  Since my lodging page deals with my two favorite places to stay (St. Thomas Square/Inn at St. Thomas Square and Pinnacle Port, I'll use these two as my focal point.

This will give you the general area with restaurants-both seafood and other-that are nearby.

This complex is on the far west end of Panama City Beach, FL away from a lot of the hustle and uproar of the "strip", but very close to a new Walmart, grocery stores, and Pier Park.

I'll go ahead and stay with one of my favorites, Pier 77.  It's located at:  
Pier 77 Seafood Restaurant
3016 Thomas DrPanama City, FL 32408

Not only is the seafood as fresh as it gets, but they give you generous portions at a price far below some of the places that gouge you.  I won't mention these, but they would be called tourist traps in my mind.  Pier 77 is an old-school, basic seafood restaurant known for their homemade batter, fried seafood, and she-crab soup which is to die for.  How do I know it's fresh?  Right next door they have their own fresh seafood market that the seafood comes out of for the restaurant.

They don't have a website, but drop by and pick up a menu and you will see what I mean about the pricing.  I always get some of their fresh seafood from the seafood market (called Shrimp City) to prepare in our condo and have never been disappointed.  Fresh seafood is high no matter where you get it, but the staff is friendly and helpful.  They usually have some daily specials as well.

We don't eat out often while vacationing at Panama City Beach, FL, but when we do, we usually eat at Pier 77.  Eating out here can be an expensive adventure for a family of 4 (especially seafood) so choose wisely.  You won't be disappointed at Pier 77, I promise.

We've eaten at other places, but I always come away feeling like I've been ripped off with the portions, prices, and general attitude of the place and people working there.

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