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Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Panama City Beach, FL Tackle Shops

There are really only two main places that I purchase tackle when vacationing and fishing at Panama City Beach, FL.  Those two are Walmart and Half Hitch Tackle. There are some other places I have shopped across the Hathaway Bridge back in Panama City, but these two are both close by where we have stayed the past few years at The Inn at St. Thomas Square (See PCB-Lodging page for more info on this condo complex). 

Let's start with Wally World.  There are two Walmarts in Panama City Beach.  One is located on the East end of the beach and the other on the far west end near Pier Park and close to Pinnacle Port (See PCB-Lodging page for more info on this gated community with its own private lake).

Walmart is Walmart wherever you may go.  Their prices are usually very competitive with and sometimes lower than the local bait and tackle shops like Half-Hitch. However, you don't get much of the inside scoop on what's biting out there from the folks working in the sporting goods section at Walmart.  I have purchased everything from terminal tackle to rods and reels to to a small pinfish trap and everything in between at the Walmart on the east end.  If I know that the price is simply lower for the same stuff, I'll go with Walmart.

However, I'll always shop both places and ALWAYS purchase something at Half-Hitch to try and get some local information from the real fishermen who work there. Here's a map of where this Walmart is located.  Those of you who have been to PCB regularly know that it is located at the intersection where you find Ripley's Believe it or Not and Wonderworks. 

The fishing tackle section has a pretty good array of stuff you might need or use for most types of fishing around the area and it is sometimes a good place to run into other fishermen who might have some inside info to share.  I actually met a guy from Tennessee there and invited him to go out with us the next day.  Great guy who had a lot of fun fishing with us.

If you really want to get some serious fishing help, go to Half-Hitch Tackle!!!

Their website has great information on tides, weather, fishing tips, and fishing reports.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable so it is definitely worth your time to stop by, say hello, and ask them what your best bets are for that time of year.  These folks have been at Panama City Beach, FL for years and have other locations including Destin, FL.

I met a young man at Half-Hitch last year who was an avid fisherman and helped me on several occasions to figure out the best chances for us to catch some fish and he was right on the money.  Every time I went there, I looked him up and he steered me in the right direction, so don't be afraid to ask!!!  They want you to catch fish so you'll come back to see them next time. 

With all this said, if you are going to have to purchase items for your fishing trip, I would start at Half-Hitch and then shop Walmart to compare prices.  If you really want some inside information on where/when/how the bite is happening, go to the good folks at Half-Hitch Tackle.  You can't go wrong!

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