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We will be offering catfishing, crappie, and hybrid fishing trips to Lake Oconee, Georgia this coming spring when the shad spawn arrives.  We will soon be posting the costs for these trips, but they will be very affordable to the average fisherman and family.

We will also be offering saltwater trips to Florida for 4 days all-inclusive.  These trips will not be nearly as affordable as the Lake Oconee Trips, but if you compare them to the costs for chartering a boat, you will find them ultra-affordable.  We anticipate these trips to cost about  $500-$800 per person depending on the number of people that are fishing.  These trips will include all costs for lodging, room, board, fuel, ice, bait, tackle and other various costs associated with these trips.  We hope you see the affordability of these trips and will come along and join us on these.  We welcome and encourage families, father-son's, fishing buddies, and others who have never encountered these types of saltwater trips.  Thanks for your interest and I know you won't be disappointed.  These are fishing trips, not catching trips and we don't guarantee you will catch fish.  We do guarantee that you will have a fun and good time fishing on the Florida Coast.

We are trying at this point to get the word out about our website through various methods such as Craig's List and Facebook.  Find us in a number of ways at   -   -  Robert Alan Richardson on Facebook at this link   -

The Georgia-Florida Fishing Report is planning on offering some of the following products and services down the road
1.  All-inclusive fishing trips to Lake Oconee, the Gulf, and the Atlantic side of both Georgia and Florida
2.  Fishing products that are unique and outside the norm
3.  Fishing products for the Lake Oconee Fisherman
4.  Fishing products for the saltwater fisherman
5.  Big Boy Toys and Gifts for that special fisherman in your family    

Products and Services of other affiliates and advertisers:

We will not be putting up the products and services for some time-Stay tuned

The Georgia-Florida Fishing Report will be looking for advertisers that specialize in fishing products and services.   For example, my good friend and fishing guide captain, Jason Phillips, who guides from St. Augustine down to Daytona Beach, FL.
 However, we will also advertise for other, non-fishing businesses as well such as:
1.  My daughter's business that she is trying to get up and running as a party-planner to include entertainment, decorations, and catering.
2.  Local businesses in Madison, Greene, Putnam, Newton, and other nearby counties and cities.
  3.  Lodging, restaurants, bait shops, tackle companies, and anything related to a fishing trip that are located in those areas that we fish and report on on a regular basis.  If you have an interest in advertising with us, please contact Coach at the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report.

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