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Lake Oconee Hybrid Fishing

Spring Run Will Be Here Before You Know It

Hybrids/Stripers should be showing up this month at the Dam

There are a number of different techniques for catching hybrid and striped bass in Georgia’s reservoirs and rivers. However, I will speak mainly to Lake Oconee as that is where I have the most experience.
One of the most productive methods used near the Wallace Dam area involves dropping live bait (either bass minnows or preferably shad) straight down on a Carolina rig and slow trolling with trolling motor over the humps and down the buoy line at different depths.

FWC Grand Slams 2015

The Florida Wildlife Commission Issues 9 New Grand Slams
Pretty interesting reading in an e-mail I received from the FWC.  You can view the full article at:

All I am going to do is basically summarize the information and give them the credit so as not to be plagiarizing their material.

In November, the FWC posted a total of 9 brand spankin’ new Saltwater Grand Slams for different areas of the state.  I think it gives even the youngest or least experienced angler a chance at a grand slam.

New Additions

Things are moving pretty quickly around here.  I've almost completed the January issue of the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Newsletter and added a ton of stuff to the website.  If you haven't visited lately at you should check it all out.  You can also visit my webpage at Facebook with this link: to see more fishing and other photos there.


December Newsletter and Website Updates

Georgia-Florida Fishing Report:

Newest Updates to the Website and Newsletter for December:

Just wanted to put a quick post on here that the December Newsletter from the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report has gone to press and is already on the website.  It's difficult to read in the format that is allowed, but if you are on our mailing list, it's much clearer.

I've also posted some new pages in recipes, Daytona Beach, FL, the Humor pages and on the newest one called Georgia Ponds/Other.

Updates to the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Website

Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Update:

Been so busy adding content to the website and December newsletter that I haven't taken or had much time to update you on the blog.  A lot has been happening here as we've completed some new content and added some new pages as well.  I have completed the Panama City Beach and Daytona/Flagler Beach pages (at least for now) and added pages for Georgia Pond Fishing and other interesting stuff like Snapping Turtles 101.  

There have been a number of new photos coming in from some of you and the December newsletter is almost completed.

Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Facebook Page

Facebook Page

Just wanted to write a quick post letting you guys know where the Facebook Page will be located.  It's found here: Robert Alan Richardson

I have never even been on Facebook, but thought it would be a good place to let others know about the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report and what we are trying to accomplish.  Started the Facebook Page a few days ago and have had some pretty good results so I will begin advertising on the page in the upcoming days for folks to go to our website.

November 1, 2014 Newsletter

Georgia-Florida Fishing Report November 2014 Newsletter

Well, the time has finally come to send out our first Newsletter from the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report.  All you guys that are on our e-mail list will receive the Newsletter via e-mail.  If you cannot open the document, simply go to theNovember 2014 Newsletterhere. to view it.  You may have to zoom in to see the document as it is not nearly as clear as it is on the original Microsoft Publisher document.  Most of it is readable, but some of the finer print is not.

Website and Newsletter Updates

Website and Newsletter Updates:

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately as I continue to work on getting the first issue of the Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Newsletter out to you during the first week of November. Due to this and other contributing factors, I haven't added a whole lot of new content to the website the past few days.

However, we have added a new tab-Outdoor/Fishing Humor and have posted our first article there.  This is an article I wrote a few years back concerning good, old-fashioned, southern style Brunswick Stew.

Catching Live Bait

Catching Live Bait

It really doesn't matter whether you are fishing freshwater in Georgia or the saltwater areas of the Big Bend, Panhandle, or the Atlantic Coast of Georgia or Florida.  The key to many of these areas is the ability to catch and/or procure some live bait for the species you are targeting.

There are a number of methods that many people use, so let's start with the standard throw net.  I will be posting a video on this topic at some point after my recovery when I get my guinea pig to show us the good technique.

Website Updates/Georgia Coast Report

Georgia-Florida Fishing Report Updates/Georgia Coast Report

The Georgia-Florida Fishing Report has slowed down with information being added to the website due to plenty of other things going on in my life.  I'm traveling to Augusta twice a week which takes up most of the days I go on Monday and Thursday. Have had a good bit of company coming by to visit and have been released to drive again, so running errands has been a blessing as I was about to go stir-crazy cooped up inside all the time.

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December Newsletter and Website Updates
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