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FWC Grand Slams 2015

The Florida Wildlife Commission Issues 9 New Grand Slams
Pretty interesting reading in an e-mail I received from the FWC.  You can view the full article at:

All I am going to do is basically summarize the information and give them the credit so as not to be plagiarizing their material.

In November, the FWC posted a total of 9 brand spankin’ new Saltwater Grand Slams for different areas of the state.  I think it gives even the youngest or least experienced angler a chance at a grand slam.  I guess the Lake Oconee, GA grand slam would be largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid bass, and crappie.  Let me know if you disagree or tell me what you think our Lake Oconee Grand slam would consist of.

They based the Grand Slams on the idea that a grand slam in baseball totals 4 runs across the plate.  However, they also felt that catching 4 different identified species in 24 hours might be a little much, so they lowered the number to 3. Some of these 3 fish slams are regional, they can be awarded to any age, anyone, and anywhere in the state.  They also have freshwater slams as well.

Here’s the new list of 9 Grand Slams that you can achieve.  Good luck!

1.  Small Fry Slam-Catfish/grunt/pinfish-Must be under 15
2.  Shoreline Slam-Florida pompano/whiting/sheepshead
3.  Inshore Slam-redfish/flounder/spotted seatrout
4.  Blue Water Slam-Mahi-mahi/wahoo/sailfish
5.  Reefs and Rubble-Black sea bass or rock bass/gray trigger/gag grouper
6.  Bay and Estuary-Spanish/snook/mangrove snapper
7.  Florida Grand Slam-Bonefish/tarpon/permit
8.  Family Slam-3 fish belonging to the same family such as grouper or snapper.
9.  Nearshore Slam-Cobia/king mackerel/tripletail

I can personally say that I have been close on a few on the list like the inshore, reefs and rubble, bay and estuary, and nearshore, but I didn’t complete it on the same 24 hour period.  Not an easy task.

You must submit a photo with the estimated length of each species, fight time, what bait was used, and a witnesses name and contact info.  The catches can be released but only using proper fish handling techniques in the photo or the Slam will be rejected.

Two other recognition programs will be released this coming spring named a saltwater life list and another rewarding anglers for awesome catches called the reel big fish program.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  Get out there and get after ‘em.  You never know you might get that Slam you’ve always dreamed about!